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My Story

I was a house wife and mom to our three beautiful children.


My working life began 15 months back when my husband’s business started getting down due economic downfall. I started supporting the family and began to retail shoes, handbags and pyjamas from home, things wasn’t working well then we started home based catering business that was taking a toll on my health.


Being my own boss and working when I want and from where I want has always been important to me. Finding the right business to start with and establish something that I can work from home and still be a house wife and a full time mom, were always my priorities. Then I got introduced to Forever Living Products that offers ongoing training and support, a company that is cash rich, with little investments and is part of the fastest growing industry sector - Health & Wellness.


It cost me just R3,750 to get going. That investment bought me my ‘business in a box’. Hugely different to the thousands of rands outlay that other business start-ups cost at initial stage.


Initially, I just wanted a R5000 extra a month to supplement life at home. But under the wings of this company my self-confidence grew. I began to believe in myself and, as a result, so did my plans and ambitions for what I could achieve.


I finally decided to run the business as a serious venture and within 15 months I had tripled the amount of income that I actually wanted at initial stage and still be a full time mom at home. After 15 months of hard work and determination I have built business in Southern Africa, UAE & India that delivers all that I want in terms of good income. My husband has actually joined me in this business part time and we are working together to build our business so that he can resign his JOB (Journey of Broke) permanently, I’m not sure that luck has played a big role in my success, but hard work and application certainly has.


Are you looking for change? Do you believe that you are worth more than your current pay cheque?


Do you want more control over the hours that you work and to be more flexible around your family?


Or perhaps you believe that with proper mentoring and support, your confidence could be boosted to grow and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.


We  don’t look for qualifications or any proven track record - just for motivation and a strong work ethic and to have the ability to make friends wherever you go.


Please get in touch with us for more information and let’s see if we can make friends and develop a good business plan for you.